Vonavi Pro

Super Serum



All skin types experiencing dehydration and photoaging.


  • Contains 12% ascorbic acid.
  • Ferulic acid.
  • Time-released hyaluronic acid.
  • Anhydrous (waterless) formula allows stability and advanced delivery of Vitamin C.
  • Airless pump for additional stability (reduces oxidation and brown color).


  • The combination of ascorbic acid and ferulic acid significantly increases photoprotection.
  • 12% pure Vitamin C is clinically proven to promote collagen synthesis, reduce
    sunburn cells, and improve production and quality of collagen.
  • Ferulic acid stabilizes Vitamin C, increasing its photoprotective capacity by 8x.
  • Neutralizes free radicals and protects from environmental aging.
  • Provides consistent hydration for 24 hours; reduces TEWL.

This product combines stable Vitamin C with ferulic acid and time-released hyaluronic acid to neutralize free radicals and plump skin.

The half-life of natural hyaluronic acid in the skin is less than 24 hours. This product ensures a consistent release of hyaluronic acid to provide consistent hydration levels throughout the day.

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