Feel Confidence in Your Own Skin.

Vonavi believes that every individual deserves to be authentic and confident in their own skin. In a world of filters and foundation, Vonavi stands for functional beauty, health and authenticity. Dedicated to skin transformation, Vonavi delivers revitalized, healthier, youthful-looking skin with potent, effective products.

Your Healthy Skin is Our Vision 

Vonavi’s vision is centered around skin health that yields long-term beauty. For Vonavi, skin radiance begins with skin health and fitness: the healthier one’s skin is, the more beautiful and luminous it becomes. Vonavi’s breakthrough, cutting-edge skincare solutions empower individuals to achieve supple, glowing and youthful skin that rivals any filter or foundation. With Vonavi, individuals feel confident in their flawless skin without relying on short-term solutions, like foundation.

Clinical results for any skin type

With comprehensive, collection-based skincare, Vonavi delivers accessible clinical results for any skin type. Concentrated formulations calm, stabilize, fortify and nourish the skin for younger-looking, plumped and hydrated skin. Vonavi’s precisely formulated skincare solutions clarify pervasive skin problems, including acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, aging/wrinkles, eczema and rosacea. Vonavi’s powerful products are gentle enough for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Vonavi’s products promote skin health to uncover radiance and promote skin health.

How Vonavi is Different From Other Skincare Products

Skincare is an art that blends the forces of nature and science together. Founded by a Master Aesthetician Lana Ivanov, Vonavi delivers luxurious, evidence-based, highly active skincare solutions. Harnessing natural, purified botanical ingredients allows innovative formulations, free of overly harsh chemicals that irritate skin or cause breakouts. Vonavi’s products are bioengineered with the highest quality, thoroughly researched and tested ingredients. Formulated with Poly-Pore Technology for advanced efficacy, Vonavi products enhance all skin types. All Vonavi products undergo rigorous testing for efficacy and potency. Vonavi is a cruelty- free, paraben-free brand that adheres to all GMP standards.

Lana Ivanov 

Lana Ivanov is a skincare expert, formulator, licensed Master Aesthetician, educator, and successful spa owner with over ten years in the skincare industry. Lana’s passion for skincare is personal. Lana’s mission has always been to inspire and empower people to feel confident about themselves by improving the health of their skin. Before founding Vonavi, Lana struggled to find effective skincare products with potent ingredients to help her clients without causing irritation, sensitivity, breakouts or allergic reactions. An innovator at heart, Lana knew the skincare market was missing effective products with ingredients powerful enough to tackle pervasive skin problems, but gentle enough not to cause adverse reactions. Lana experimented with formulations for two years before she found the right concentrations. Lana launched Vonavi in May 2020 after she bioengineered complexes, and exclusive formulations. Vonavi Pro is redefining skincare solutions with a potent collection designed to bring dramatic results:healthier, younger-looking skin regardless of age or skin condition.

Lana’s career in skincare includes many achievements. After completing her aesthetics licensure, Lana sought to improve and advance her knowledge and skills. Lana became certifiedby the American Board of Dermatology, earned a certification in oncology skin care, received a certification in laser technology and became a certified Master Aesthetician. Lana also completed a Professional Degree from American International College. Lana is also a master microblading artist and Master PMU. Lana is a trainer and partner with Dermotechnology Micro-Current non-invasive ultimate technology. Lana trains and certifies licensed professionals to bring Vonavi Pro to their spas and practices. In addition to running Vonavi and her spa, Lana continues to exercise her love of skincare by innovating, teaching and developing skincare solutions to make the power of beautiful and healthy skin accessible to all.